What we do

Corporate Identity

Designing logos for letterheads, corporate identities, product liveries or rebranding is something of a speciality of the house.

Between us we have reinvented, reinvigorated or repositioned the look and image of countless companies. Some of national or international renown, others less well known or even start-ups. We know what it's like to be starting in business, and even have a special low budget 'entry level' identity package – ask us for details. However, regardless of size or reputation, each new project is viewed as being equally important and crafted with the same degree of expertise, creativity and care.


There's more to designing for print than just being 'creative'. It doesn't begin and end with producing a few eye-catching visuals.

It needs meticulous management of the whole creative process; from originating digital artwork, computer graphics and typographic styling to art direction of photography, commissioning illustrations, copywriting and sourcing appropriate printers to suit individual projects – which could be your next report & accounts, corporate brochure, prestige literature, product presenter, or point of sale material.

Whatever, when you place your print with Atticus you know it will be handled with great care, at all stages.


There's a commonly held belief that advertising is the expensive part of the marketing mix. And so it is if the creative bit doesn't work.

Ours does, because we bring the benefit of a wealth of experience to every piece of advertising we produce. Whether it be a one off ad, or a campaign, we strive to make every pound spent work for the client.

First, we work with clients to agree on an original and competitive strategy.

Second, our creative work is designed to add impact and value to that strategy.

Then we minimise the cost of producing the advertising. No 'middlemen' passengers here! Our policy of being fewer but better makes us personally responsible for getting things right - and is the best insurance against things going expensively wrong,

Atticus might be small. But we're big on ideas that work.


Everybody needs one. Everybody says no problem, they're pretty sure they can put something okay together for you... what's the budget? Right about then is when you could be about to open the proverbial can of worms.

Of course you might feel reassured by that outfit of 'techies' who promise you splendid functionality and a lot of other vaguely understood buzzwords. But place website design and production in the wrong hands and it'll more than likely end up in a tangle.

Will those techies actually have a grip on your marketing strategy, and how the website will form a part of, and reinforce that strategy? Atticus will.

Because we come at websites from a marketing standpoint, we know what's required to ensure that they make a positive contribution to your business. Oh and don't worry – we still manage all the techie bits.

Press Relations

Let's face it, how many small marketing agencies do you know that number a qualified journalist in their ranks?

You know one now. Atticus.

As experienced smithers of words, we know what is required to get your products and services into the right places in the media. And this can be a critical part of the marketing mix and an extremely cost effective way of positioning your company and, most importantly, generating enquires.